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Feeding English Bulldogs

The English bulldog puppy and the Adult Bulldog alike need to eat out of a flat bottom stainless steel pan. I get mine at my local discount store for about four dollars. Most English Bulldog owners use stainless steel because it lasts longer. Do not use plastic for his food or his water. Most English Bulldog owners feed a two to four month old English Bulldog Puppy four times a day. There are several good brands of puppy kibble. I recommended IAM's puppy. You want a kibble the puppy likes and which produces a nice coat, keeps the puppy round but not obese, and produces solid stools. Check the list of ingredients on the sack. Do not feed your puppy a kibble that contains soybeans. You may feed the puppy on a set schedule. What I do is have food available for my Bulldog Puppy at all times. The choice depends on which is more convenient for you and your puppy.

How much you feed your English Bulldog Puppy depends on the puppy. In most cases, a growing bulldog that gets sufficient exercise should eat as much as it wants. If the puppy does become obese, you may need to regulate the amount he eats, but do not put a growing English bulldog puppy on a severely restricted diet unless a veterinarian who is knowledgeable about the bulldog breed supervises it.

From four to six months the puppy's feeding regimen should remain the same but the number of feedings may be reduced to three. At about six months, this number can be reduced to two. In most cases continue feeding your puppy as much as he wants. How often you feed an adult bulldog a year or older depends on your preference and the dog's. We feed our adults twice a day, one large scoop each time. Some do better on once a day. You may prefer to feed in the morning or the evening. This is up to you. If you like it, and the bulldog likes it, it's the right way. An English Bulldog usually eats puppy kibble until he is at least a year old. If he is thriving on puppy kibble, leave him on it until he is at least two years old. Most are changed from puppy to adult kibble at around twelve to eighteen months. The best change is to the adult version of the puppy kibble you have been feeding him. It does not hurt your bulldog to change from one brand of dog food to another and then to another and so on as long as each change is done by gradual, substituting more and more of the new brand for the old.

If your English Bulldog is spayed or neutered or as it ages and becomes less active, you may need to start feeding a reduced calorie dog food to keep it from becoming too fat because the English bulldogs can be very lazy sometimes. Most good brands of dog food have such a kibble. Again, it's best if you stay with the same brand you've been feeding and change to the "lo-fat" version. Whatever its age, your bulldog should have fresh water available at all times. It is not really necessary to add water to a good kibble. But you may find your dog prefers "goodies" on his food, or does a little better with some. The most common supplements are cottage cheese, yogurt, and oil. Cottage cheese is especially good for growing puppies since the Bulldog must grow a lot of heavy bone in a short time. And believe me, they love cottage cheese. You can add about a tablespoon per feeding. Yogurt helps to keep the digestive system working well, about a teaspoon per feeding. Oil helps to keep the coat and skin in good condition, about a teaspoon twice a day. Corn or canola oil is best - do not give your Bulldog any oil, which contains soybean oil. You may also give your Bulldog a vitamin supplement.

Treats should usually be dog biscuits. NEVER give your Bulldog or Bulldog Puppy rawhide bone or treats, as they will choke on them. It won't hurt your Bulldog to give him an occasional bite of meat, vegetables, fruit, soda crackers, ice cream, etc., but do not give him chocolate or onions. But remember if you start giving them bites of your food, the begging will never end.

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