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We sell only top of the line healthy AKC English and english Bulldog puppies...Guaranteed to you in writing....
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          English Bulldog Puppies for sale

Our bulldogs look and act like bulldogs are supposed to, with lots of wrinkles and great temperaments.™

We are bulldog breeders of quality AKC English Bulldog puppies. We raise only Bulldogs so we can devote all of our time exclusively to the breed cryptocurrency in india to insure we produce and sale the best bulldog puppies available. All our bulldogs come from Multi-Generation Champion Bloodlines.

English Bulldog Puppies are a unique and special breed. Their characteristics, and just plain child like traits, are a pleasure to play with and watch. English Bulldog Puppies are such fat little roly-polies, they remind you so much of holding a chubby little baby. They even have hiccups.

The bulldogs grumpy appearance hides a very homey and affectionate dog, adapted to home living. English Bulldogs are very attached to their owners and love being with children. Due to the bulldogs physical structure they don't enjoy excessive exercise, stress or heat. They must exercise daily but moderately.

English Bulldogs have a round body with a muscular and strong chest. Their back is somewhat thinner, which is why their legs are placed distinctively, with a short and rigid sway. But the Bulldog's characteristic is their flat snout, jutting jaw and its huge and compact head. Due to the bulldogs flat snout, they sometimes suffer from being out of breath and may have breathing problems, such as snoring.

English Bulldogs History

In 1630 these dogs were know as simply the "Bulldog", although before they were called "Bandogge" (or "butchers dogo") they are from the same descendants as the Mastiff. In the past they fought against bulls, especially during the time of Elizabeth I in England. Dog/bull fights were abolished in 1835 and in 1864 some breeders salvaged the breed from extinction.

English Bulldogs have come a long way from their original purpose of Bull Baiting. Through years of careful breeding, English Bulldogs have become wonderful family companions, who love to play, eat and sleep (on the couch if allowed.) One of the finest things about English Bulldogs is their loyalty to their family.

It has always been our goal to maintain the excellence of the English Bulldog breed. Quality over quantity has been our trademark from the very first. Sound genetics and temperament plays a major role in our breeding program.

Bulldogs do have some special needs and do require some special care. If you are looking for a dog that you can just throw out in the yard and forget, except to provide food and water, than a English bulldog is not for you. That kind of treatment just will not work with a Bulldog. However, if you are looking for a lovable, loyal companion who needs, craves and enjoys the daily love and care you must give him, and if you enjoy having someone dependent on you in that manner, a Bulldog puppy is just what you need.

Research the bull dog breed carefully before you go out to purchase one. And by all means read our guarantee page. It is wise to make sure you pick a Bulldog breeder who knows about the breed, and knows about the background of their puppies' parents. If you go for the cheapest Bull dog puppy you can find, you will get what you paid for. And more than likely have Veterinarian bills that cost more than your bulldog puppy. Please call your bulldog vet and he or she will verify this.

Breeder of Bulldogs Only

We live in Oklahoma and so do our Bulldogs and Bulldog Puppies. They are part of our family. Our Bulldog puppies are raised in our home with us and our children, and are family socialized and loved starting at day one. We offer our English Bulldog Puppies to you as your new fat little bundle of joy and loyal companion to be loved and enjoyed for what will hopefully be a long time.

With proper care and nutrition, your English Bulldog puppy will live a long and healthy life. You can count on us at "The Bulldog Ranch" to be here for you for the duration of your bulldog's life span. We are very proud of our track record for the after the sale support and encourage our customers to stay in touch, send us their pictures, ask questions, and share personal experiences. We have learned valuable information from the experiences of others and together with you we will build and maintain a supportive English Bulldog community.

Please sit back and enjoy as you visit our English Bulldog puppy page. E-mail us for more information and pictures of our English Bulldogs anytime. Make an English Bulldog puppy your new pride and joy.

Thank you,
Twilla Graham


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We sell only top of the line healthy AKC English Bulldog puppies.