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Bulldog Payment Options

I want to make the payment process secure and safe for both you and me. So please read carefully and call 918-436-2717 or e-mail if you have any questions.

I understand that coming up with the means to get a Bulldog Puppy can be difficult so I will try to work out a payment plan that will work for both of us. But no puppy will be shipped until full payment is made. The deposit and any payments are nonrefundable (no exception). If for some reason you cannot get the puppy out of the litter you have chosen the money will go for a puppy of the same quality from another litter.

All our puppies come with full AKC papers, puppy health check, one year health warranty, current vaccinations and a awesome puppy starter kit. Our puppy kit contains: a baby blanket so you can hold your baby and snuggle, a baby wash cloth so you can clean their little face wrinkles, a milkbone tennis ball so you can play fetch with your new baby, a chew toy for healthy teeth and gums (and to save your shoes), puppy care book, puppy food, shot record, valuable coupons and a few other surprises.

Your are more than welcome to drive here to pick up your puppy. In most cases they are ready to go at 7 weeks. But only if I feel they are ready. If you live to far away than below are two other options.

By Ground   We can send the puppy via ground shipping when the weather is to hot to use the airlines or if you just prefer it.  Of course, this means of transportation will take longer than flying. We use a door to door transport company that is nationwide with professional puppy handlers. They will travel in air conditioned vans and will stop on a regular basis for food, water and to potty. We provide crate, food and water. Shipping by ground will vary in cost depending on location but it is determined by that company not me.

How to buy a puppy from The Bulldog Ranch. - Decide on the bulldog puppy you would like. Then call or e-mail to verify it is still available. You will be given an option of either placing a deposit of $500 or making the full payment, at this time I will stop all advertisements of your puppy. I will keep you up-to-date with your puppy by emailing you pictures and informational updates about every 2 weeks.

Keep in mind that by law I cannot ship any puppies until they are at least 8 weeks old. And only then if the weather is safe for the puppy. The weather is decided safe by the airlines not me. In the summer please be patient for a safe temperature because heat kills bulldogs. If you want to pick up your puppy we would discuss the adequate age the puppy would be able to leave. This would all depend on how the puppy is progressing after it is weaned from its mother.

Payment Options - PayPal or Credit Card payments can be made through a PayPal account even if you don't have a PayPal account. Any payment made through PayPal will be charge a 3% fee. This is a fee PayPal charges not me. PayPal is a very safe way to make payments over the Internet. You should be aware that if your PayPal account is not verified there may be a delay before payment goes thorough.

The Payment Plan - If you made your deposit through PayPal you can make the rest of your payments through PayPal. All you will need is my e-mail address.

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We sell only top of the line healthy AKC English and French Bulldog puppies...Guaranteed to you in writing....